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We are a strong community of seasoned entrepreneurs who believe in the mantra of ideate, discuss, experiment and fail fast until we achieve success that is repeatable and scalable.

01 People
02 Our leadership

Ramit Arora

Sr Principal, Corporate Development & StudioSmile India

Harish Bahl

Founder CEO/Chairman

Rajkumar Khatri

Head of Investment Operations

Billy Naveed

Chief Strategy Officer & Managing Partner, StudioSmile Singapore

Keith Nilsson


Vaibhav Pandey

Tech Lead, Co-founder/CTO, Vidtech.AI

Siddharth Puri

Head of Media Partnerships & Co-founder CEO, Vidtech.AI

Shalini Saigal

Chief Smile Officer

Terence Sim

Investment Director, Smile Capital

Abhijeet Singh

VP Venture Building, StudioSmile India

Tarun Sobhani

Head of SAAS, Co-founder & CEO, Single Interface

Manish Vij

Co-founder & Managing Partner, StudioSmile India